This blog contains images of women with male organs. If this offends you, please leave now. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy your stay on the blog! Stay tuned for news on our new site!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stories and the New Website

Hi. labeltornoff here. I am stealing a bit of Wicked's thunder to plug my own work. Well, not plug it so much as explain.

I saw a comment from a fan of the blog named, amadou, who asked about my stories. That's very kind. I apologize for not responding. I didn't see the comment. Here's where I stand.

When the website opens -- soon, very soon -- I will post all my work there, with the proper links that actually go somewhere. Sorry about Hotfile.com. But if you want to complain you need to speak with the U. S. Department of Justice who shut down the site for copyright violation.

When Wicked opens the site, I will begin uploading everything I have written so far, including new material:

  • The rest of The Root of the Matter (Wicked owes me illustrations)
  • The latest episode in The Adventures of Dakota Grange called, The Alabaster Throne
  • A three-part series by one of our own, Victor, based on the Mass Effect game called, Futa Effect
  • Anything else I can find or cajole from others who like to write
If you are interested in contributing, please contact me at lt04now@gmail.com or wait until the website opens and then contact me at the site.
To everyone who reads and appreciates my work, thanks for the support. I will have more works available soon.

The website is gonna be, well, Wicked!

Come along for the ride.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Final Teaser: Eye of the Beholder

Okay, since it's taking so long to finish the comic, I decided to post one more teaser for you guys. Have fun with this one ... people you haven't seen before! WHAT!

100 pages, over 400 renders, and if my close circle of friends and critics are to be believed, "one bad-ass comic" (citation needed).

I will say this: when shown the ending, our friendly neighborhood writer, Labeltornoff, had this to say:

"Jesus fucking Christ!"

Some pretty deep stuff, there. For all of you guys who read Label's work (and if you don't you're a nincumpoop), you know that Label has a way with words ... and that was his first response.

Next week, guys ... next week, and I can almost promise that all this waiting will have almost been worth it ... I hope.

Enjoy responsibly!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Story Time

Labeltornoff here. Wicked will be back soon. But now it's time for a story. Maybe two. The first is a sort of re-run. The second is new.

First, the rerun.

On my old blog (gone but not forgotten), I posted a short story called, Shadow of the Great Totem. When I moved here, to the Wicked Side (he has cookies), I pulled all my stories back and discovered that this particular one had some continuity errors in it, as in pieces were missing. I've reconstructed it and given it a new look. 

For your reading enjoyment, here is, Shadow of the Great Totem.

The clans have gathered for their bi-annual contest to see which Great Clans, the Direbird or the Chimera, takes its place at the top of the totem. The Direbird have been victorious for the last two meetings. It's up to Dylen and Synda to defend the honor of the Chimera in the daylong contest. Will the Direbird be triumphant or suffer yet another defeat?

Next is another short story, A Night in Prague. Victor, one of the blog's fans and a source of a lot of our ideas, suggested it to me. It's loosely based on the Japanese series RemoraWorks but with a twist. What's the twist? Oh, no, that will ruin the story. Hint: you'll never guess the ending; don't peek, you'll be sorry that you did.

For your further enjoyment, A Night in Prague.

What do the elite citizens of Prague, a kingdom of it's own in the ancient and venerable Holy Roman Empire, do for amusement on a Saturday night? The go to the baths - but not for a back scrub. This night's entertainment features two women with an extra added something.

Enjoy the stories. More are coming.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stuff and Things! *Includes an image

First, many of you are probably shouting at me.

"Wicked, you useless sack of crap! You promised PORN! We want to see more of Josina and Minh fucking each other rotten! GROBBLE GROBBLE!"

All parts of that grievance are true! Allow me to explain though! Last night, my computer was a veritable kaleidoscope of horrors. I think it was a virus that did me in, but some damage was done that took me the best part of last night to fix. I guess I should stop looking at so much damn porn, eh?! Ha! ... wait ... *forgot he makes porn*

... shit.

ANYWAY. I was still able to do this little number as a teaser for you guys as to something I'll be working on after "Beholder" is finished, in addition to many other exciting things!

I won't give you guys any hints as to what's going on here, except that it's a change of perspective (as well as a few artistic changes here and there) from a piece a rather well known erotic artist did some time ago ...

I'm thinking a few animations for these two ... I'm thinkin.

Anywho! Hope you guys like the cocktease (HAW!) and I promise Frea will be kicking back up again soon!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Torey Khal Frea - The Waterfall

12 - The Waterfall

Breathless gasps escape Minh's lips as she feels a gentle kiss on her cock. Josina slowly rocks her hips back and forth, stimulating the Najyiik's aching prostate as she locks her lips tightly around the tip of the throbbing cock nestled between her gracious breasts.

Minh begins to grab Josina's knees for better leverage to slam herself onto the redhead's cock, but the Negotiator knows that a successful arbitration succeeds with firm, properly applied pressure. Gripping the Najyiik's wrists, Josina gently licks Minh's cock slit, making sure to take opportunities to cater to the raven-haired beauty's more twisted desires and inserting her tongue into the swollen gland every now and then.

The elf is stunned at the turn of events ... but then notices Minh's gaping mouth and wagging tongue ...


I have to apologize to everyone in advance. I wasn't able to create more Frea poses due to getting wrapped up in finishing the comic. There's going to be a few days that there won't be any! Sorry!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Torey Khal Frea - The Hound

11 - The Hound

In a show of agility and strength that startles even the elf, Josina reverses Minh's hold and quickly locks the Najyiik's arms painfully behind her. Snaking a hand under Minh's chin, Josina chooses to use the raven-haired bitch's own sadism against her. The redhead locks her ankles around Minh's abdomen before thrusting hard and deep into the Najyiik's tight pucker.

"AHHN!" Minh shrieks at the sudden intrusion. Josina relentlessly hammers at Minh's vice-like ass, softly chuckling as her tactics are proven correct. The redhead plunges her thumb into the Najyiik's mouth which Minh begins sucking hungrily, moans unending.

"Hmhmm ... you want to talk about Opar? How about we talk of the wanton whore I brought to heel in front of her whole tribe after beating her senseless? Tell me Minh ... whose dick do you like more up your ass? Mine or Choka's?"

The Najyiik's moaning becomes louder as she recalls her and the redhead's first encounter months ago ... the shame ... the anger ... 

... the lust ...